Production plant

To have a faster and safer production together with high quality standards, it is necessary a superior know how. In PANOLIN you won’t find neither hoses left around nor external tanks.  All our tanks are isolated and warmed up  inside the factory.  Each ingredient we use ( base oils and additives ) is individually put in the tanks with fixed pipes marked with different colours.

Computerized production

Our computerized production system can schedule both working times and downtimes, necessary to sample  oil with a managing batch processing system that guarantees traceability.  To ensure safety and reliability of plants, we have an unerring backup system, updated twice a year, a 24 hours day repair service, data uploading and remote monitoring system. No operation is ever made without the prior decision by production manager.

Ultrafiltration of product

Before filling the system, specific products flow in a high performance ultrafiltration system. This in order to guarantees full accordance with  ISO  4406 requirements, which asks for a minimum class of  impurity, often mandatory for modern hydraulic fluids.

The filling system

The labelled and checked drums are moved to the platform scale. Different and separated filling stations are used for drums and cans.  Lubricants greases are filled in different stations. Tankers are filled up outside the charging station.